Roxer Natator 125

The Roxer 125 is an incredible machine that has the ability to test a timepiece down to a depth of 125 bars (1,250 meters or about 4100 feet). If a watch passes the ALC 2000 water test, then the watch is subjected to this machine that performs the second part of the standard water test. This test takes roughly two hours during which the watch case is subject to 125% of its stated water resistance rating. With the Roxer 125, Lentz House of Time has the ability to repair and confirm the water resistance on professional divers watches such as the Rolex Sea-Dweller or the Omega Planet Ocean. Photobucket For water resistance details on your watch, please see: Water Resistance Chart Manufacturer's Web Site: Not Available Additional Technical Data Pressure Scale: 0-125 bar Tank Height: 50 mm Dimensions LxWxH: 250x270x250mm Tank Diameter: 65mm Tank Capacity: 0.21 Weight: 7kg FREE STANDING WATER RESISTANCE TESTING DEVICE