Proofmaster M

The Proofmaster M is a state of the art water resistance testing machine with fully automated functions and touch screen color display.  It has the ability to do a dry water resistance test on a watch down to 10 bars (100 meters or about 330 feet) by the process of simulating water pressure by means of air pressure.  The process first causes the watch to be subjected to a vacuum of up to -0.7 atmospheres (near complete vacuum) and checks for deflection of the case using internal sensors.  If the sensors notice a deflection of the case that becomes stabilized, it interprets the information as no leakages.  If the sensors read a deflection in the case followed by a reversal to the original shape, this data is interpreted as either a small or large leak. If the sensor reads no change in the case's deflection, this usually indicates that there is a massive leak or the case of the watch is made out of super-hard material, such as tungsten carbide. The test is performed on all professional divers watches, such as the Seiko Monster, Tag Heuer Aqualand or the Omega Seamaster.


For water resistance details on your watch, please see: Water Resistance Chart

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