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Lentz House of Time, LLC is a family owned company specializing in the service and restoration of fine modern Swiss watches, restoration of vintage wrist watches and pocket watches, as well as an integrated full service facility to service and restore all vintage to modern clocks. 

What we have that the local competition does not:

  • A fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff that jumps to all customers' needs!
  • A willingness to explain complex repairs and spend extra time with customers when needed.
  • Certified CW21 and CMW21 both on staff.
  • A knowledgeable owner who is a Swiss trained watchmaker via his graduation from the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program's ( WOSTEP) 20 week long Refresher Course located in Neuchatel, Switzerland.  Please see our CERTIFICATIONS page to see the diplomas and certifications. 
  • A 2 year warranty on all major repairs, please see FAQ to read about types of repairs.
  • No outsourcing/sub-contracting!  All micro-mechanical and case repairs are performed on premises.
  • 3000+ square foot facility that is maintained with some of the BEST STATE-OF-THE-ART WATCH AND CLOCK SERVICING EQUIPMENT.
  • A mindset of continually updating the techniques and equipment to make sure everything is cutting-edge.  As the picture above shows, we have recently installed a hand-held bench-top digital microscope with 200x magnification that allows us to take pictures or video of issues within a customer's watch and then broadcast that information LIVE on the television in front of the customer.  This is cutting edge technology for the industry that, even in the recent past, has only been available to schools.  The LCD television is positioned directly in front of the customers in the midst of some of our final testing machines so some curious customers can watch the watchmakers at work. 

Although the store's core competency is in service of fine watches and clocks, we still maintain an active sales floor of clocks.  Not only do we have the expertise to perform the highest quality watch and clock repairs, we also implement the newest technology whenever possible. 

If you plan on price-shopping, do not waste your time or ours by coming to us. Unlike much of our competition, we strive to be the best and most reliable watch and clock service provider; as Red Adair once said,"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

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